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Paper Gift Pouches


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Kraft 7x13cm CS/200, Kraft 12x19cm CS/200, Apple 7x13cm CS/200, Brown 7x13cm CS/200, Fuchsia 7x13cm CS/250, Gold 7x13cm #575 CS/200, Hotpink/Leaves 7x13cm CS250, Red 7x13cm #821 CS/200, Red 7x13cm #821 PAK/25, Red Kraft 7x13cm CS/200, Red Kraft 7x13cm PAK/25, Silver 7x13cm #574 CS/200, Silver 7x13cm #574 PAK/25, Turquoise 7x13cm CS/200, White/Leaves 7x13cm CS/250, Barrock Pink 10×15 PK/200, Black Stone 10×15 PK/200, Gr/BlFlower 10×15 PK/200, Black 10x16cm PK/200, Black 10x16cm PAK/25, Gold 10×16 PK/200, Gold 10×16 PAK/25, Red 10x16cm #821 PK/200, Rood 10×16 PAK/25, Silver 10x16cm # 574 PK/200, Silver 10x16cm # 574 PAK/25, Apple Green Kraft 12x19cm PK/250, Black 12x19cm PAK/200, Zwart 2x19cm PAK/25, Gold 12x19cm PAK/200, Gold 12x19cm PAK/25, Handmade 12x19cm PAK/200, Silver 12x19cm #574 PAK/200, Silver 17x25cm CS/200


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